Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Van She remixes


The Klaxons, "Gravity's Rainbow (Van She remix)"

The Presets, "Are You The One? (Van She Tech NYC Rush remix)"

I've mentioned these guys, Van She, a few times, most recently as one of their members was involved in the remix of "Around the World" with Dangerous Dan. The band is another of the rising stars signed to the Modular Recordings label out of Australia. These guys from Down Under come out of that new school of rock bands who seem to be best at writing great dance tunes, a.k.a. the shit I love.

What better way to introduce them than with their remixes of two other memebers of this dance-rock crowd, Klaxons and The Presets. For real, "Are You The One?" is my jawn, possibly song of the year. Ever since I saw them playing The Khyber weeks ago, I can't stop listening to this one. What makes it especially nice is that there have been a ton of remixes, as it clearly hit other musicians just as much. This one by Van She is good, but not great. It doesn't close to the original, as it loses that bass-y, electro, sex vibe that makes the original so essential. It's replaced by a more techhouse sound, less filthy and dirty, harsher. It's an interesting take, but I don't think that this will be one of the remixes to have staying power.

Klaxons might have the biggest hype of all, as they're just coming onto the scene and have a new EP dropping and a full-length due next on a major label. But, we'll get them soon enough. For now, enjoy this great, sprightly remix of their first single, "Gravity's Rainbow," by Van She from last year.

-Lots of great music for download at Cosmic Elevator, with special mention going to this wonderful 4-disc collection of Grateful Dead collaborations with the Allman Brothers called Steal Your Peach. G-d knows, we all need more Dead in our lives.

-Philadelphians Against Santorum fundraiser at the Trocadero featuring sex columnist Dan Savage tonight

-I'll be at Jenny Lewis tonight at the TLA, recovering from my first bike fall last night on Girard Avenue. Damn you trolley tracks, damn you!!!! Your bol is in some serious pain, but will tough it out for my dear readers.


Pix said...

top post!

as sure as i am seeing van she tonight down in oz. they are the king... cheers on the remixes too, i didnt hav the presets one

wildflower seed said...

Thanks for the mention. And for continuing your great work on the Dylan series! :)

Baby said...

I dig this band mightily. Thanks for the write-up.

cheers, baby

Papeuss said...

The Gravity's rainbow is incredible, I just can't enough - Neighbors, sorry.

ruTTyy said...

get all their remixes at my blog!