Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DJ Mehdi - I Am Somebody


DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo, "I Am Somebody (Paris version)"

DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo, "I Am Somebody (Montreal version)"

DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo, "I Am Somebody (Kenny Dope dub)"

DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo, "I Am Somebody (Kenny Dope Old School mix)"

Whew, that was way too much rock in the past few days, time to get back to the gentle embrace of the new sounds of Paris. Yes, I'm total whore for everything that comes out of that scene now, so shoot me. This is another of the older jawns, as DJ Medhi dropped this in 2004 on Ed Banger Records. Mehdi seems like this most unknown of the scene, as he really does not have many releases. But, he spun on the Ed Banger show in NYC (and killed it!) and is clearly a part of the inner circle. Hope that he is in the laboratory cooking up electro madness and keeping on lock stash for now.

As for the song, it's got to be one of the funnier ones in a minute. It's basically about trying to get into a club, but being rejected by the door person. "I am somebody" appears to be the response from the rejected, as the inner Stuart Smalley comes out in full effect.

-Have you ever wished that your drinking and dancing could help the less fortunate and make a difference? Of course you do, right? Tonight is the perfect chance to make your dreams come true, as Project H.O.M.E. is hosting a dance party/fundraiser at the World Cafe Live.

It's post-work, pre-TV time, so you have no good excuse. Stop in, support the cause and say hi to me. I'll be the dude requesting "We Are Your Friends" and "Big Pimpin'," waving my arms like I just don't care, to the embarrassment of the good people involved in this event like EO and KE.

-Laugh While You Can: Red State Son collects some great clips from underrated TV shows of the past (peep Colbert pre-Strangers With Candy!)


baby said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm a big Chromeo fan, so this one is not to be missed.

cheers, baby

Shane said...

im a total whore for that music scene to man, your not alone!

eo said...

thanks for the shout, dude. the rain was a great excuse for not dancing, but i appreciate your pr big time! keep it going keep it going keep it going FULL STEAM!

Anonymous said...

Mehdi is far from unknown, actually he's been around for around 15 years on the French hiphop scene, also working with major "french touch" artists like Motorbass ...