Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Order - Live in Irvine, CA 6/19/1989

Live in Bradford March 19, 1984

[Ed note: Sorry about the incompleteness here, I fell asleep last night while working on it. I'll have it nice and finished soon. Incidentally, I woke up with my head on the remote, causing a concern that I had either paralysis or some sort of retardation. It's def not paralysis, but some would argue that the retardation was already there.]

I've been a little late with the music lately, as ezarchive has been a real bitch to deal with for the past few weeks. To make it up to you, I'm gonna upload a shit ton of music today, starting with this special treat of a New Order show from 1989. I mean, is there any one in the world who doesn't love New Order? The indie kids, obvious, but my thugs love a little "Blue Monday," the ladies love "Bizarre Love Triangle," it's just eminently playable no matter where you at or who you with.

This concert comes at the band's apex, when they had dropped all the hits and were nearing their "retirement." I believe the tour is in support of the recently released Technique, which saw New Order being influenced by the Ibiza and rave scenes that were in their ascendancy. This isn't on some intimate club shit, however, as the boys were filling arenas at this point. It's a high-quality tape for such a large arena show, I'm guessing a soundboard, but don't have any definitive details on that front.

For some reason (well, I know the reasons, but we'll keep those a secret) I'm feeling melancholy today. It's like a knot in my stomach, a quiet unhappy aura follows everywhere. It's not shocking as it's been a tough time recently at Pound for Pound. New Order's music sounds so right for this kind of mood. It doesn't have the darkness and sense of annihilation that their predecessor Joy Division had, while not being happy happy joy joy either. New Order's music and lyrics mix that JD bleakness with a sense of hope and feeling, a sense that there is much sadness, but that sadness lets us know we are alive.

"I lost her, I've lost her, I've lost her/I lost her, I've lost her, I've lost her, I've lost her, I've lost her."

New Order - Irvine, CA June 16, 1989


True Faith

Age of Consent

Dream Attack

All The Way

Mr Disco

Your Silent Face

Vanishing Point

Round and Round


Bizarre Love Triangle

The Perfect Kiss

All Day Long

Fine Time


DJPaulV said...

OMG...I was at this show!...It was the PIL/Echo & The Bunnymen tour...I worked for Warner Records at the time...When I tried to walk down to the front section - with my all-access pass - and get my friend who was sitting in his seat - the gorilla-like security guard/thug wouldn't allow me down...I was politely pleading - "OK, can you walk me down there, I'll get my friend, and we'll leave the section?"...NO, of course...I was so pissed, I purposely slammed my draft beer down as I walked away, knowing it would splash him...BIG MISTAKE...I got tackled, yanked away, and spent the next hour, literally, in a "holding cage"....And, my friend had NO idea this had all transpired...To him, I left for a beer and never returned...Later, I got my come-uppance, as New Order's mgr demanded the thug apologize to me for what he did. HA! :)

eo said...

It should be illegal for 2 people who have experienced breakups within a few months to hang out with each other. Whatever happened to new fall beginnings?

Anonymous said...

be great if you could put up the full show,

world b. free said...

dear annonymous,
quit your bitching. this is free music. is it really so hard to download several individual tracks. come on.

Mies Anthrophy said...

That was amazing. I was fucking there. What a great show. I glad you've got this little tribute going.

New Order were in fine shape but PIL and Echo were so so.

Janaina said...

Great gig!!!