Thursday, October 05, 2006

Daft Punk - Around the World Remixes

Daft Punk vs. Dangerous Dan and Nik of Van She, "Around the World Again In 5.07" (Taken down by request)

Franz Ferdinand, "Take Me Out (Daft Punk remix)" (requested by z.!!!!!)

Daft Punk, "Around The World (I:Cube remix)"

First off, I want to dedicate this post to my girl z., West Coast Pound for Pound correspondant, who I'm gonna try to talk into moving to the East Coast where the damn thing gets done, fashion maven and dancing queen. She's an even bigger Daft Punk fan than me, which is say a lot. I hope that these songs cheer her up and remind her of all of the good people and things out in life.

One of the more famous tracks, "Around the World," was my initial initial introduction to the French duo back in college. It's always seemed to me the most clubbish of their songs, more of a club stormer than anything since, a little more straightforward than one has come to expect. Well, Dangerous Dan and Nik of Van She fame have reworked the original and created an absolute monster.

The I:Cube mix is decent, nothing too exceptional. It takes the original and makes it a untz-untz song, which ain't a bad thing here. There's some keys, some siren-y sound effects and a nice, raging pace.

-Ratatat in Philly tonight at the Khyber!!!!! Say hi to the guy in glasses with a straight grizzly beard (mp3 foreshadowing! well sorta). I've gotten word that this is a great show, really looking forward to it.

-NYC, ya need to slow down until I can get up there; Cheeky Bastard with Dave P and JDH at Hiro Ballroom, White Dove ladies at Beauty Bar, DJs Nika Michelle and Pri$on Jam$ at Royal Oak with "new wave, no wave and ho wave", show love

-I wonder when conservatives look back on the past decade or two how much shame they will feel, as these are really pathetic, cowardly people

-This story is only going to be funny to one person, my good buddy RV, who spent lots of time with me when I lost my glasses and refused to buy another pair. He was there for my confusion over lips on screen that I swore was an ass. Well, now, I have a pair, but took them off before bed. On came Carson Daly's show and his first guest. It was that kid from Third Rock From The Sun and I spent the entire interview wondering what the hell he was promoting and how he was the first guest. I finally put my glasses on to watch for real and realized that it was Jet fucking Li promoting his new movie. Fucked up.

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z. said...

thanks oh so much. that made my morning all the brighter.. i think instead of a remix of daft punk you should put up a daft punk remix.. perhaps franz ferdinands take me out.. thats a good one

oh and for the weekend update.. today we have adult. at the troubador tommorow is the fantastic detour festival with the basement jaxx..!!!.. of montreal.. beck.. the like .. blonde redhead..and many others