Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Simian Mobile Disco!

Simian Mobile Disco, "Tits and Acid"

Simian Mobile Disco, "Animal House"

Awww yeah, here's some of that new heat for your ears. Simian Mobile Disco have been a Pound for Pound favorite for quite some time now and I am glad to have their newest jawn, the "Tits & Acid/Animal House" promo. The a-side, "Tits & Acid," makes it clear that the British boys share the same interests as me. I mean, is that not one of the great titles for a track? Actually, strike that, I have never used nor will I the word tits, as it sounds so violent and harsh for such a wonderful signified. When someone drops a single called "Huge Boobs and Caffeine," I will know that I have made an impact on music culture. Once you get past that semantic issue, you will find an absolute banger with a liquidy bass, squelches and a voice intoning you to "dance." Say no more.

"Animal House" ironically sounds a little tamer, as the bass slows down and the megaclub sound comes more to the forefront. It's the lesser of the two, but still pretty damn good. We will definitely be discussing this duo more and more in the future, as they have quickly established themselves as one of those elite groups that always deserve a listen. Their home page is inexplicably under construction, so head to myspace for any info you might want to know.

-Here's a great way to keep track of concerts and events you want to attend (thanks to JT showing me this)

-4 more days! Here's Borat on an old Conan O'Brien episode:

"You tell me, you would not like to make liquid explosion on Latifah?" I know I'm not saying that.


Anonymous said...


He is coming on the french tv too!

Private Beach said...

Tits is old English slang, probably derived from a corruption of teats. While I agree with you that boobs sound nicer, they wouldn't have the same forceful impact if used as a replacement in the traditional English request to the ladies, "Tits out for the lads!"

Thanks for the music - I'm more into Dylan than the dance stuff, but it's always interesting to see what's out there.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up on "Animal House"?