Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ratatat - Classics

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Ratatat, "Lex"

Ratatat, "Gettysburg"

This is a great time to finally get to this album, Classics, one of the more highly antipated releases at Pound for Pound this year. For those that don't know, Ratatat are a Brooklyn duo who play rock music that never really seems like rock music. The guys are clearly influenced by hip-hop, getting their first buzz because of a mashup album they did providing the instrumentals for some legendary verses from Jigga, Nas, etc. But, it doesn't really end there, as there is so much going on influence-wise it's hard to keep track.

-Driz Horse at the Khyber tonight with Julie G, AJW and $2.50 Sparks all night!

-Calling All Kids at Sapphire Lounge tonight with guest DJ Dimitry, highly recommended

-Dahlia Lithwick on the torture "debate" and how cowards like John McCain gave the President everything he wanted

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