Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lindstrom - I Feel Space

Lindstrom, "I Feel Space"

Lindstrom, "Roma E6 7825"

I'm finally getting around to checking out Lindstrom's music, mainly on the recommendation of the Turntable Lab staff who recommended his tunes more than anyone else. He may be more known for his duo with Prins-Thomas, which has been dropping some of the hottest house tracks for a few years now. This one, "I Feel Space," came out on the Feedelity Recordings label in 2005, with a wider release on Playhouse Records.

It's a great example of that Lindstrom sound, so beautiful and serene, wonderful synth melody, exactly what I would expect from a Scandanavian producer. It's so joyous and happy, a perfect antidote to the broken-hearted sadness of New Order. Actually, strike all of that, as this isn't what I expect from Scandanavia (think The Knife on that front). It goes beyond region, timeless dance music that everyone needs in their life. This should especially appeal to everyone who loves the Morgan Geist/Metro Area stuff, as they both exhibit such warm, stunning electro-y disco music. The B side is a cheesy, 80s jawn, not bad, but no comparison to the A side.

-Philly, get to Key West for an epic night with Optimo, Dave P et al. Disco balls, $1 beers, mirrors everywhere, the best music in the world past and present, essential night.

-Theo and the Skyscrapers are playing tonight at a fundraiser for PS122 at Galapagos in Williamsburg. Go out and support a good cause and hear lots of rawk 'n roll.

-Check out my new Philly Weekly stuff, as I preview the Suicide Girls Burlesque Tour and DJ Robert Drake's Halloween edition of Sex Dwarf, showing off my mad writing skills. For real, I think this is my funniest piece yet by far. Oh, and I also hype up the Frank Black show at World Cafe Live, showing my mad range. Editors, bring in this hired gun before it's too late and I've been snapped up by Cosmo.

-Spent the night in NYC last night, as Pound for Pound closes in on establishing a NYC outpost. Thanks to RV for his hospitality and constant insults, felt like home. So, yes, we will run two cities at the same time, how do ya like that?


z. said...

i was seriouly listening to the freeform remix of i feel space when i peeped yo blog.. wow!!

here in case you dont have it

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, they won't know you're from Philly.