Saturday, October 28, 2006

DJ Paul V. - Smashoween 2006 Mix

DJ Paul V., Smashoween 2006 Mix

Well, tonight's the night. Yeah, yeah, I know that Halloween isn't officially until Tuesday night, but y'all know that this is the night where you leave all out on the streets of your city. This is the Saturday, get drunk, get buck night and this post is intended to help y'all out with music and plans.

First, I just got this mix and it's a good one, a great soundtrack for your house party, as it's got a spooky dance vibe to it. Paul did not make this specifically for me, but dropping Cheekyboy's "Halloween With Morrissey" clearly couldn't hurt with me. There's a good amount of mash-ups, but done with a spooky purpose, not to show off what he can combine. DJ Paul V. is on some OG status, just so you don't get it twisted and think he's some 21 yo with a Mac. The man's been spinning since '81, behind the LA party Dragstrip 66, a DJ on 103.1. Those skills come out on this mix, as it's put together, if you know what I mean. Good stuff, many more mixes here.

-Philly, two really cool parties tonight: emynd and Bo Bliz are throwing down at a warehouse party on 11th and Wood, while Dave P is spinning at the Klip Collective Studios loft on Broad and Race (201 N. Broad to be specific). You will see me hopefully at both, definitely one. Low B and Brendan Bring'em do it in the club setting

-LA, ESG is playing. End of story. (via z.)

-The Rub is having their Ruboween event, which should be insanely packed and crazy. Dances With White Girls, Vic Thrill and others are doing Halloween at Asterisk. What else is going down?

-I hope that everyone has a great night, gets dressed up and takes advantage of the one night a year that you can be someone else instead of your own miserable self.

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