Monday, October 02, 2006

disco not disco 2 part 2

Can, "Aspectacle (Holger Czukay edit)"

Material, "Ciguri"

Connie Case, "Get Down"

The Coach House Rhythm Section, "Timewarp"

What better follow-up to our Can post than one that focuses on their attempts at dance music. This first song, "Aspectacle (Holger Czukay edit)" should provide everyone with an clear example of why that band has had a tremendous influence over dance music. This song started out as a vocal track, but with the Holger Czukay edit it became a great instrumental on their 1978 album, Can. The key thing to remember about Can is that they were open to everything, including new instrumentation, sounds and influences. They were early users of synthesizers in their music, developed a new sound with each album and opened themselves up to all of the new shit, whether free jazz, psychedelic or, in this case, disco. It's a great song, with an almost spaghetti western opening, followed by a nice, grooving track with lots of wah-wah guitar effects.

My favorite of the bunch is Connie Case's "Get Down," an electro/disco hybrid that comes out of one of Pound for Pound's meccas, Miami. There was actual a distinct Miami disco movement, which we'll have to look at in the future. In the meantime, enjoy this one, as it's the most disco of the bunch.

Material is Bill Laswell's project from the late 70s/early 80s, which means that you get lots of bass and weirdness. Laswell is incredibly hit-or-miss with me, but Material is consistently great.

-Florida, stand up! Death Disco tonight at the University Club in Gainsville with DJ Kyle spinning music that I love in the genres of electro, brit-pop, indie, old electronic shit.

-Louis Vuitton musem in Paris designed by Frank Gehry in the works

-Fellas, it is not okay to where your Eagles jersey around once you are past the age of 18. It's just not legitimate, we all know the game is tonight, we don't need to see your desperate attempt to cling to youth and be a "part" of the team. Enough, please.

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dj tinypants said...

i just moved up from gainesville. i love kyle's nights at UC. how do you know kyle?!