Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Le Castle Vania

Snowden, "Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania remix)"

120 Eyes, "Come Out (Le Castle Vania's Electro Disco mix)"

Le Castle Vania feat. Factory Aire, "Trouble In Daylight (extended)"

Sorry, sorry, ezarchive is completely down and blogger went down for a few hours and ate this post before. Ugh. Anyway, I've gone back to ole' reliable, Yousendit, to get this music out and the blog running again. This seems like the perfect follow-up to the great DJ Never Forget mix post (did you download it yet? What the f are you waiting for!?!), as my bol reminded me of Le Castle Vania recently. I am super excited about these songs, as they fit perfectly with the electro-disco sound that Pound for Pound loves.

Le Castle Vania is the productio/remix moniker for DJ DJ Dylan, an ATL bol doing real big things. He's the man behind the Death to Disco party down there, which is bringing the durrrty house-electro ish to the Durrrty South. The Snowden remix is getting the most attention, but I'm really loving everything I've gotten my hands on so far. "Black Eyes" has that perfect mix of indie lyrics and sounds, which transforms into a raging, vocodered beast midway through. It's one of the best things I've heard in a minute, right up there with the Blake Miller remix from a few weeks ago. More indie song remixes that kill, please! Thanks. Don't sleep on the other remix, although I don't know much about 120 Days to be honest. It's in a similar vein, although the vocals are a little less appealing to me, a little too echo-y maybe? The final jawn is an original production and just plain fucking awesome. Great keyboad sounds and vocodered voice, but I especially love rough sounds that come in. It keeps you on your toes, combining the rough and beautful perfectly. Highly recommended.

-My bol Franki Chan has another great LA party on tap tonight at Safari Sam's, with The Kooks and Chin Up Chin Up playing live

-The legendary Project Matt and Resting General are doing it big tonight in the lower Lower East Side with rap and reggae at Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie Street)

-Versus Mag SF has the Bay on lock with their Tuesday weekly, Hoodies and Heels, at Double Dutch in San Francisco

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Thanks from the crew at Versus Mag SF for the Hoodies and Heels Shout!