Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pound for Pound's Greatest Links

Every now and then, something happens in regards to this blog that I can't help but highlight. It's hard to explain how a link can mean much to a person, but it does. I guess it's because you write so many words for so many days and give your opinions and thoughts that sometimes it's nice to know that other people respect what you're doing and appreciate it.

-I was recently informed that I had achieved a spot on Sasha Frere Jones' links page, which for me is the ultimate accomplishment. I mean, SFJ is who I want to be when I grow up (yes, yes, I know that I have already grown up and in fact quite old, just keep it shut for once, okay?). He's the music writer for The New Yorker, blogger, New Yorker, city resident raising his kids there. I mean, the man who wrote The Wu Tang Clan Primer for Wire magazine for g-dsakes! In short, he is the best music writer today, a beacon amongst the rockist garbage that gets spewed out in nearly every weekly and magazine in the US. I'm serious on top of the world with that one. Will your bol become soft and complacent? Hell naw, this only makes doing this all the more worthwhile. I'm gonna look at that every day before I write, get rad and do the damn thing. Thanks to Mr. Frere-Jones. Yeah yeah yeah.

-A little while ago, I did a post on Blake Miller from Moving Units, the remixer of that great track, "When The Leopard Got Its Spots." Love, love, love it. Anyway, Blake appears to have come across this post and linked to it from his myspace page. Best of all, check his intro: "Check out this music blog 'cuz it rules and scroll down to read the penultimate hipster's review of my Portugal The Man remix. Er, or don't." That's right, your bol is the penultimate hipster! I love that phrase most of all, as it's gonna be my epitaph, for really real. Thanks to Blake, hope to have some more of his and his band's music up down the road.

-I'm heading to see The Slits tonight at the Church here in Philly. The motherfucking Slits, people!

-New York City, this is what you need to do tonight, no excuses. Best flier ever. Great DJs, good people, a chance to hang out in the Meatpacking District, just do it.

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eo said...

congrats dude...that's something you can put in your portfolio for when you wanna buckle down and get serious. keep up the great work of keeping informed about the sweet sweet noise.

michele said...

you're rad.

can i be your penultimate hipster groupie? i just bought a pair of skinny jeans.