Monday, October 02, 2006

Dylan Sunday - Theme Time Radio Hour #10-11

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #10 (Summer)

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #11 (Flowers)

Sorry for the lateness of this post, hope no one was worried that I was going to go through with my plans to end this series. The only reason for the lateness is that I have been too weak to hit the Publish button as a result of not eating for 24 hours. For the record, I will be continuing this weekly look at Bob Dylan's XM radio show, but as you can see, I will be doing 2 at a time so that we can get caught up here and move on to some other fun stuff the man recorded. Sound good?

These two shows seem to go together nicely, both evoking thoughts of happiness and sunshine. I am thankful that Pound for Pound did not get to these two shows during the actual summer, as I don't think I would have had the required attitude to appreciate them. All I wished for this summer was for its end and the onset of Fall. Fall is now here, as the weather has gotten chillier, the sweaters are out and sleeping with a fan is so nice. I must reiterate how excited I am for the present and future, as I have so much in the works and such high hopes both here and in real life.

Dylan comes back strong after the last episode (#9), which was the most disappointing to me. This is a lot of music I know, but I recommend taking a chunk out of TV or fucking around at work to give these both a full listen. One listen and I think that you'll be hooked with Dylan's chattiness, his humor and incredible song selections. As always, leave your comments and let me know what you think. Thanks to everyone who expressed their support for these weekly posts on the radio show, although I would love to know who some of those anonymous comments came from. Dylan fans love being incognito.

Okay, I'm off to get some bagels and a pastrami on rye and get my strength back for the madness of this week. Lots of goodies from all over the spectrum, including disco not disco tracks, DJ Medhi, Daft Punk remixes, Dylan's album, Lily Allen, snap tracks, ooooh weeee, stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

double the enjoyment double the fun.

Great posts,


wildflower seed said...

Loving these! Dylan is HIP.

Anonymous said...

i was a little afraid about you guys leaving us out of the dylan theme time raio, thank you so much for this!!

Jim said...

Haha, has noting to do w/ your radio show postings (I enjoy them) but man, I thought my tongue was going to stick to my teeth yesterday. Its the thirst that gets me.

frischemama said...

Thanks so much for posting these shows! I spent all day on the 3rd, the German national holiday (Reunification Day) to find & download the shows & have now all but the first. Since XM Radio doesn´t offer any subscriptions to non-US Bank account number holders there is no way for us over here to listen to the actual show. So please keep them coming!!!!!!! I'd love to be notified when the next batch is available!