Sunday, October 29, 2006

Forward Russia! - Give Me A Wall

!Forward Russia!, "Thirteen"

!Forward Russia!, "Nine"

Continuing on some newish ish, !Forward Russia! are one of the more recent hype bands, garnering the obligatory British press hyperbole and comparisons to previous success stories like Bloc Party. Their first release, Give Me A Wall, does not tread any new ground nor does it really do the usual that great. Don't get me wrong, there's a few good moments, which you can have a taste of below. It's got that post-punk, angular guitars sound that I really do love, but all I could think was, "Okay, and what else do you have?"

I think that the Bloc Party comparisons are the most productive to make clear what I find missing. Silent Alarm still sounds great to these ears a few years later, I can put that album on and go straight through and enjoy it. While their sound clearly draws from the post-punk influences, that's the start for them. They also draw on the Cure and dance music, all which comes out with great songwriting. The songs on Silent Alarm are great songs, varied, going from the club-ready "Banquet" to the gorgoeous, slow "She's Hearing Voices." Give Me A Wall has none of this, as the songs blend into one mass of wailing vocals, overbearing drums and spiky guitars. I hope that the band can find some space to make their own sound, as hype can only get you so far. Go here to buy a copy at Insound and be entered to win free tickets to one of their upcoming shows.

-For guaranteed good music and good times, Aaron Lacrate hits up Sunday Is The New Black at The Walnut Room. Bmore club bangers galore, the perfect end to the weekend.

-Anti-Halloween Halloween Le Disko in LA

-Hard to believe we're the fattest people in the world, huh?

-Great times last night, the Run DMC costume came off pretty well, thanks to MR for the early night gathering and opportunity to iPod DJ (for the record, I killed it), TA for the company and rides, AP, LL, L, the amazing loft party on Wood with emynd and Bo Bliz, the 9 year old kid hanging out and skateboarding with people all night, the fact that I could pee in the street and not wait in line, the final South Phil party and pumpkin seeds.

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