Monday, October 23, 2006

Dylan Sunday - Theme Time Radio Hours #16-17

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #16 (Dogs)

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #17 (Friends & Neighbors)

Amazingly, this is the closest I have come in awhile to getting one of these posts up on a Sunday. Just a few hours late this time, but since I was out supporting Vox Populi, I feel no guilt. Well, I feel no doubt about this; about other things, it's none of your business. Anyway, here are the next two installments of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, covering two very nice topics: dogs and friends & neighbors.

Until last year, I considered myself a staunch dog person. I considered dogs the ultimate pet, fun, eager, energetic, licking and running and going for walks and all that good stuff.

This Dog episode is a good one, heavy on older, more obscure stuff. My personal favorite is the inclusion of a Rufus Thomas song, "Stop Kickin' My Dog Around," a classic from Stax Records and the man who has been covered by the Stones and appeared with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Other highlights are Dylan naming a series of dog breeds, Ronnie Self's amazing "Ain't I A Dog," and Uncle Tupelo's version of the Stooges' classic "I Wanna Be Your Dog."

I ain't gonna bore you with some banal thoughts on friendship, but simply thank all of the people in my life who I can count as friends, from those I see everyday to those I've lost touch with for the moment.

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