Friday, October 06, 2006

Turbulence - Notorious

Turbulence, "Notorious"

Turbulence, "Can't Dis Rasta (Notorious Pt. 2)"

Amazing, this is the first time we have upped any dancehall music at Pound for Pound. For real? Is that possible? Unfortunately, it is true and it isn't for a lack of desire. I've always loved dancehall, ever since I got into it towards the end of college. I feel like that was when the music took a real turn towards hip-hop, incorporating a lot of its lyrical themes into its already ruffneck sound. I mean, shit, it's got brutal beats, riddim obsession, lyrics about guns, money and women, I mean, that's like the whole Pound for Pound aesthetic there.

If I were looking for an excuse, it would be that the dancehall/reggae is so overwhelming. I mean, there are literally hundreds of 7"s released every week, new riddims seem to pop up overnight, it's hard as a non-hardcore fan to keep up and count on quality control. If any one has a way to alleviate this, who knows of a good source for recommendation and finding the heat among the average shit, let me know.

Here's a song that has been out for more than a minute, but it's newish to me and it's a damn good one. I also think it seems a good representation of the dancehall sound in 2006. It's definitely more in the roots reggae vibe, a good followup to Damien Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock." There's more emphasis on the singing, and Turbulence has a great voice. Just love that "notorious," quite nice. As with nearly everything I listen to, I first came across this track on Diplo's Fabric jawn, which is an essential purchase if you don't already own it. Turntable Lab has the original version on vinyl, Part 2 seems harder to come by and less popular (for a reason). Highly recommended for those who love reggae and haven't been as big a fan of dancehall of the last decade. A little more conscious, less brutal instrumental, dig it.

-Making Time with Snowden

-Happy Birthday to Lauren Flax! She'll be celebrating at her weekly White Lightning!, so bring her a gift NYC

-Another special comment by my bol Keith Olbermann, this one the President's cowardly search for someone to blame for the mess he has made: "Please, sir, do not throw this country's principles away because your lies have made it such that you can no longer differentiate between the terrorists and the critics."

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