Friday, October 20, 2006

DJ Assault - Sumthin' 2 Shake Yo' Azz 2 EP

If you don't know who's ass that is, I assume that you have never read this blog.

DJ Assault, "Bangin' The Beat"

DJ Assault, "Bangapella"

DJ Assault, "The Rapture"

DJ Assault, "Sumthin' 2 Shake Yo' Azz 2 (street)"

I guess Fridays are gonna be Ghettotech Fridays here at Pound for Pound, as it's becoming a regular move for me. Or perhaps it's because I go braindead on Fridays and staring at the hundreds and hundreds of Detroit bangers looking back at me, that it's the simplest move possible. I ain't complainin' about this unconscious move, as the ghettotech sound defines club music for me, its songs are what I want to hear out on the dancefloor.

It only makes sense to finally get to the genre's biggest name, DJ Assault defined the genre, mainly because he dropped its greatest and most-known song, "Ass and Titties." But, it's also because he

-Virginia is for Lovers. The Cobra Kai guys start a new monthly called Mint tonight and they've brought in Boston's Red Foxx to help celebrate. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the South is starting to make noises here.

-New York City, Friday night: Catchdubs at Savalas, Optimo at Night Time for Justine D's 30th birthday party, Stretch Armstrong spinning at Studio B

-Philly, check 51:51 for all of your party plans. I will be staying in tonight, reading, do some grinding and think about my little baby Jezebel and how beautiful and smart she is. Lots of big stuff coming, a focus on some newer shit next week. Holler.

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