Tuesday, October 24, 2006

DJ Never Forget - Second Class: The Story of a Laptop DJ

DJ Never Forget, "Second Class: The Story of a Laptop DJ"

[Tracklisting is in comments.]

I can't think of a better way to kick off a week focused on the newest music coming out than to drop the newest mix by DJ Never Forget, one of the main men behind the Finger On The Pulse parties and radio show. One of Brooklyn's finest, my bol really does seem to be an extra step ahead on the indie/dance tip, lacing his mixes with the heat remixes and up-and-coming bands. This latest mix is no different, although it goes in a darker direction to my ears. It's slower and less upbeat, but just as listenable. In fact, it fits even better the mood of these times and the season.

All I'm gonna say is that you need this in your life. I rocked it all weekend and am continuing to do so as write during the week. Bol is really starting to establish himself as one of those DJs that are in that elite status, constantly on top of things, dropping the new shit without forgetting where the music came from, all focused on having people lose their shit and dancing and doing dirty things. He's beginning to come into that serious level of DJ, definitely standing out as one of the few dealing in the more indie side of things. Please don't mention laptop DJs aren't really DJs and that played out shit. It ain't the equipment that makes a DJ, it's the skills and mixing and song choice. If you have complaints on that front, I'm not sure what to do for you. Leave your thoughts, as I know GB would love to hear them.

-Awesome Inc. (of which FOTP is a part) is dropping a huge night on CMJ, as they take over Galapagos on November 1st. I know that the there is just an assload to do, but this should be at the top of your list, festivalgoers.

Pretty awesome, huh? I will have a more thorough look at CMJ later in the week, as we get closer to the jump.

-check out tonight's Do You Fuck? at the East River Bar, as the Royal Family and Team Carbomb give you something to do on a Tuesday with DJ Never Forget and Matty Royale.

-More later today, as I am finally getting caught up on everything. I do want to take the time to thank everyone who has gotten in touch with me via email or myspace, as it makes doing this blog a lot easier when I know that people are digging it. So, get in touch and let me know what you're feeling or not feeling and most importantly let me know what you have going on. I really want this site to discuss all of the great things my homeys and my homey's homeys and all the good people of the great cities of the world are doing. Holler at your bol!


Jack said...

2nd Class: The Story Of A Laptop DJ

Track Listing

Always Something Better (Trentemoller Remix) Trentemoller
La Ritournelle (Metronomy Mix)Sebastien Tellier
Yours To Keep ft Annie Teddybears
Computer Heat Cansei de Ser Sexy
I Dont Feel Like Dancing (Linus Loves Vox) Scissor Sisters
Muscle Cars (Freeform Five Remix) Mylo
The Party's Crashing Us (I Am The World Trade Center Mix) Of Montreal
Trick or Treatz (South Central Remix) Metronomy
Mama's Room (Weird Science Mix) Under the Influence of Giants
Standing In the Way Of Control (Soulwax Nite Version) The Gossip
Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh The Rapture

alt124 said...

hi! maybe you can check my podcast..in the same wave but more harder!


Lynton said...

I have been rocking DJ Never Forget's "Going To Work Mix" for ages now and am pretty excited to catch the new stuff. Its nice to see DJs who understand its not just about the "hot mix" but the alchemy produced by juxtaposing different elements together; DJ NF has it in spades! As for decks vs laptops - who cares?!! Just keep the trax coming!

Anonymous said...

yo jack!
get at me...i have a CMJ BOOTY/reggae party all lined up!!!


Project matt

eli lilly said...

Laptops are fine, with an external controller. You just can't consolidate ten buttons and two sliders into one mouse and expect to be as effective.

The real 2nd class is that guy in the picture, a few articles up, who is using the CDJ 1000 in CDJ mode (versus vinyl mode). Stutter cue is for lamers.