Thursday, October 12, 2006

Freeform Five - No Conversations Part 1

Freeform Five, "No Conversations (original)"

Freeform Five, "No Conversations (Mylo remix)"

Freeform Five, No Conversations (Richard X remix)"

More dance magic here at Pound for Pound, as we drop the first 12" for Freeform Five's "No More Conversations." This one came out at the beginning of the year, but I'm not sure how late that really makes us here. Freeform Five isn't a dance producer/DJ; in fact, this group is a sizeable entity with more than 10 members, including vocalists. This is one of their biggest songs so far, excluding some seriously hot remixes (foreshadowing!) they've done for others. The original is a good song, much more pop than I expected. That's not quite what I mean actually; a song with so many remixes just seemed like it would fall more on the dance end of the spectrum even its original state. There's no crazy beat, more of an emphasis on lyrics, not just refrains.

The serious heat here is the Mylo remix, which simply floors me with each listen. I'm not even gonna drone on about this one, download immediately and listen to it all night and all day Friday and be a happier, better, faster, stronger person. Richard X is a guy we haven't discussed here, which is an oversight. X, a.k.a. Richard Phillips, is another serious talent in the whole house/electro scene, responsible for producing tracks by Kelis, M.I.A. and Annie among other P4P favorites. His "No More Conversations" remix is very nice, with a huge bass, handclaps, percussion, doesn't quite pick you up and take you to a special place like Mylo, but it comes in ahead of the original for me. More to come on this guy, count on it.

-TTC in NYC! Paris invades the Knitting Factory! Awesome!

-For those that couldn't catch the man DJing in Brooklyn last night, head over to Discobelle for an exclusive mix by one of Philly's finest, DJ Steven Bloodbath, there

-Brazilian Girls and Alex Robbins spinning in Montreal


Anonymous said...

Where have you been! The Mylo mix of "no more conversations" is a devastating mix

Papeuss said...

I didn't know the richard x remix, it' s a nice addition
Actually the Mylo remix was the party banger last winter in France, the track you were sure to hear, like Zdarnight.
Enjoy TTC in NYC

krystene said...

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DJPaulV said...

Little bit 'o background on Richard X: He was one of the original mashup guys in 2002....Under the name Girls On Top, he made the famous Adina Howard "Freak Like Me" atop "Are Friends Electric" track...he put out an AWESOME CD 2 years ago - "X-Factor 1" - with guests like Jarvis Cocker, Annie, Tiga, Sugababes, and the female vocalist from Flying Lizards - singing the live parts of stuff he'd originally used samples of for his mashes...Seriously - get this record - you will love it...Listen to "Into You" with Jarvis Cocker, set to Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You"....AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

i can't click on any of the links for the songs listed above! says internal error... nooooooo!!!