Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Morgan Geist Unclassics #3

[Sorry, this was supposed to have been published last night, but it doesn't appear to have been up. Figured I'd republish, even though the events are over.]

Purple Flash, "We Can Make It (1984 instrumental)"

Purple Flash, "We Can Make It (Darwan Jeshrani Lavender Lamp mix)"

Following up on my ideas about respecting the past while also looking ahead, it seemed like the perfect time to put up another of the 12"s from the Unclassics series that Morgan Geist and Darwan Jeshrani put together. Those dudes really have taken my thoughts and put them to wax, combining lost classics from disco and electro with re-edits and remixes of the material today. We'll eventually get all of them up, hope you don't mind random order.

This one was definitely a song I would never have known about if not for this release, but Purple Flash are definitely another part of the Pound for Pound Old, Weird America. This one is much more on the disco tip, a really beautiful sounding jawn. I mean, for real, the title totally suits the music, as you just feel so hopeful and joyous and like you want to buy the homeless guy some coffee and hug your moms and call your best friend and get all emo about how much you love them and mean to them. I mean, not that I would ever do that or anything, I'm just telling you what a friend of mine said. Next post is all Lil' Wayne, for the record. Darwan Jeshrani seems to mute the original, toning the drums down and bringing the cowbell up. The original seems to win, but I may change my mind after a few hundred more listens.

-The 76ers start the season against an awful Hawks team tonight. I cannot begin to explain how happy I am to have basketball back.

-Lady Sov's after-party at Julie G and AJW's Driz Horse (Lady Sov will be in attendance, force her to measure back to back with you to show how short she is!)

-Krames of Cobra Kai at Medusa tonight with Isaac Jordan

-GBH crew kills CMJ with CSS and Lauren Flax and so many more!

-CMJ Zombie Prom!

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