Saturday, November 18, 2006

Twilight 22

Twilight 22, "Electric Kingdom (12" mix)"
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Twilight 22, "Siberian Nights"
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Here's a little classic electro for your Saturday, as I can't think of a better soundtrack to a weekend day. Or a weekday day. Or night. Twilight 22 are the perfect story to define the electro movement, a group that formed out of a love for technology and an ability to make it with a major label. The band was mainly the brainchild of Gordon Bahary, who played all the instruments and was lead vocalist. His main interest was in exploring the computers and synthesizers that were beginning to emerge in music. Bahary was joined by Joseph Saulter in the songwriting and vocals, forming the core of Twilight 22.

They would only put out one album under this name, but their impact is enormous. They have two stone-cold classics, "Electric Kingdom" and "Siberian Nights." Ironically, at the time, two other tracks from the LP blew up on UK soul radio, "In The Night" and "Mysterious." For this bloog, though, I think it'll be quite clear why the two songs above are such pivotal tracks for Pound for Pound. Awwwww shit mang, "Electric Kingdom" is so fucking good it makes me wanna get married, have babies, make them listen to this in the womb and forever after and then create a ultra-cool super family. If that vocodered "Electric Kingdom" line doesn't make the hair stand up on your neck, you need to see a Doctor and find out what's wrong with you.

"Siberian Nights" is another slab of electro goodness, with drums as harsh as the frozen tundra.

-This is a great editorial, I just really wish dude would've written this fucking story, oh I don't know, 12 years ago

-A Low Budget San Francisco takeover tonight at the Milk Bar

-Bugged Out! at The End Club in London tonight with Radioclit, Optimo and much more

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great fucking choice jack love that electic kingdom track...been a favorite of mine for awhile. keep it crackin.