Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nice Up The Dance


Cutty Ranks, "Who Say Me Done"
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Ward 21, "Petrol"
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I've mentioned the fact that I would like to get more reggae up on this blog, but alas I just forget when I start a post or else feel like I have nothing to offer since I don't have the newest ish coming out of Kingston. I'mma keep working on that, but this Soul Jazz compilation should serve as aa perfect dancehall post at Pound for Pound.

Nice Up The Dance is an attempt to chronicle the clash between the worlds of reggae and hip-hop over the years, with an emphasis on the 1980s and early 9os. It's a fascinating document, although a few selections seem to lack the hip-hop element. The liner notes, as with all Soul Jazz releases, does a great job connecting Jamaica and America, in particular highlighting the huge impact Jamaicans living in the US had on the development of hip-hop. Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash are the two most prominent, both men greatly influenced by the soundsystems and toasting (MCing) of reggae.

Cutty Ranks' "Who Say Me Done" is my favorite track on the album, a medium flame tune that shows Cutty to be one of the greatest ever. Damn, I love his voice and flow, simply perfect. Fittingly, this track was a retort to all the critics and fans who were writing the OG off as past his prime. Ward 21's "Petrol" has no info whatsoever about it in the liner notes, but whatever, I love it. It's definitely more on the digital dancehall steez that I love, so be warned if you are looking for roots ish. You also get an early Sean Paul track, some Kenny Dope of Masters of Work fame and lots of other good shit. Recommended, in spite of the cost.

-Daily Kos, MyDD (content was not what I was hoping for with that name) and Talking Points Memo are probably the two best sites for following the returns tonight. I feel like I'm gonna throw up when I consider 2 more years of this shit.

-Check Yo Ponytail with The Horrors, another Franki Chan jawn:

-My girl Julie G spins at Cantina tonight in South Phill, then tomorrow Driz Horse holds it down at the Khyber

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