Monday, November 27, 2006

Alexkid - Nightshade

Alexkid with Liset Alea, "Nightshade (Chicken Lips vocal remix)"
(sendspace link)

Alexkid with Liset Alea, "Nightshade (Rodriguez Junior remix)"
(sendspace link)

Time to get back to some of recent dance music heat, this time with our first look at Alexkid, the Spanish house music producer. He's been around for a minute, but this is the first time I've come across something that really grabbed me. Thanks to my girl z. for the heads up, as she told me it was her jam which automatically meant it would be my jam.

Alexkid is joined by Liset Alea, a Cuban born/Costa Rican raised singer who seems to be mainly known for her work with Alexkid. I hope to hear more of her, as her voice and presence are amazing on this track, "Nightshade." My personal favorite of these two remixes is the Chicken Lips vocal one, an epic 7 minute trackt that goes lots of different places. I think you can call this dubby house, but who the hell knows? I love, love, love the opening minute or so, as the various instruments are brought in one after the other. Gorgeous. Later, things get very 70s funky with a massive, live bass breakdown. The vocals come in, leading to the third movement, a synth-y futuristic mover.

The Rodriguez Junior mix is a little more consistent, but is just as nice with repeated listens. I'm especially digging the buzzing bass that is featured throughout the song. There are more vocals, which again makes this a nice choice for a slower set or a more chilled listening session. Go here to cop Alexkid's CD output; it's not easy finding the man's music to be honest.

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Mr Danza said...

Love the chicken lips vocal!
The pianobreak reminds me of Felix da housecat remix of "Sinnerman".