Sunday, November 26, 2006

Confuzed Disco Part 1

N.O.I.A., "True Love (Sexual version)" (sendspace link)

Fawzia, "Please Don't Be Sad" (sendspace link)

For those wondering if I really celebrate and give thanks this weekend, causing the lack of posting, the answer is no. The reason for the silence is because I am still recovering from HS reunion Friday night. It was a devastating night, filled with awkward conversation, too much alcohol (I was pretty good, others not so good) and flashbacks to the hell that was being 16.

It was great to see old friends, who I don't get to see on the regular any more. However, I would have seen those people anyway, didn't need a $40 open bar for that. I knew that things were going to be bad, when one of the cuter girls from our class didn't say hello to me because she thought that I was the guy hired to photograph the night. That is not a joke, btw. From there, I found myself being told by the weirdest kid from our class that he thought I was a preppie but that he respected what I was doing now, in some sort of uncomfortable, Breakfast Club moment. Finally, the coup de grace was definitely talking with another one of the 'cool' girls for a few minutes, having another person say my name and have said girl ask where he was tonight. She thought I was another, far less attractive (imo) dude and it was all too much.

What does Confuzed Disco have to do with my reunion? Absolutely nothing, other than my desire to hear great music after the misery of that night. This 2 disc compilation chronicles the Italian Records label and its output in the early 1980s. We've hinted at Italodisco here, but I don't think I've put much up yet. We'll be changing that over the next month and this is a real great place to start.

-Williamsburg stnd up! DJ Tiny Pants and Sarah Hot Red Dress wreck shit.

- Download The Pilgrammage: Y'all Some Turkeys - The Grey Kid's Thanksgiving mixtape

-Finally, a special thanks to my bol RV for helping me get through Friday night with some reassuring text messages. I couldn't have done without him, no homo.

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