Saturday, November 04, 2006

Making Time and White Ts and White Belts

Dear G-d, thank you for this night, thank you for blessing Philly with the greatest night of music and debauchery ever. Two of our cities greatest parties, Making Time and White Ts and White Belts, will detonate this Friday night and there may be no survivors. For real, check out the line-up for Making Time:

Yes, you raed that correctly. Hot Chip, The Rapture, The Presets, Justice, Digitalism and Whitey are all performing under the same roof. One of those names would have made me happy, this has put me on some Viagra-like excitement, lasting 4 days kinda steez. Thanks to Dave P and the RVNG peeps for outdoing themselves and proving that Philly does and will always run things. Fuck CMJ.

To top things off, my bol emynd and Bo Bliz drop their monthly this same night.

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They're gonna be dropping lots of Dipset, Bmore club, dancehall, 80s jawns, y'know, bangers. It goes down at an old warehouse on Front Street (about 4 or 5 blocks north of Spring Garden), nice grimy feel.

This one goes late, til 4 am. The plan is to get to Making Time early (it starts at 7:30 people!), catch as much of it as I can possibly take, then bike it down to Front to end up the night at White Ts. All my NYC people coming down, get at me. Philly, let's do this g-damn thing real big. Can it be done? Can I survive? We'll find out soon. Holler.

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papeuss said...

Man, you won't survive to this party. This is too much to take for a single man!