Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hot Chip Remixes

Stephen Malkmus, "Kindling For The Master (Hot Chip remix)"
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Radio 4, Enemies Like This (Hot Chip remix)"
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Gorillaz, "Kids With Guns (Hot Chip remix)"
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Tonight's the night. The greatest club night ever anywhere. Making Time has put together the most ridiculous night ever, see the sticky above. It was a Making Time last winter where Hot Chip totally blew me away with a live set. Their album, The Warning, is still tied for album of the year (can you guess what it's tied with?).

Here is a less discussed aspect of their music, the remix. They've actually put out quite a few remixes, as you can see from their discogs entry. I figured that I would drop some of the most recent stuff, which definitely shows their ability to rework any type of music. From the dance-punk of Radio 4 to the indie tunes of Stephen Malkmus to the whatever you call it of Gorillaz.

-I took down the Unclassics songs last night after receiving an email from someone at Environ Records. The email threatened legal action if I don't seek approval in the future. I've tried to take a deep breath with this one, as I understand why labels want to protect their music and not lose money. However, I'm really disappointed that the Environ people didn't ask me to take the stuff down without threatening. I've supported this label and all of the people making dance music with my money, time and love. The album is out of print and I just wanted to get it in the hands of fans, DJs and my hip-hop/indie readers who may never had heard this ish.

-So as not to end on a bad note, don't forget to hit up Project Matt's booty bass jawn at Double Happiness tonight. Mr Andersonic will destroy you and you will thank him.

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-Flosstradamus are also in downtown NYC for Lauren Flax's White Lightning!

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Radio 4, Enemies Like This (Hot Chip remix)

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