Friday, November 17, 2006

Todd Terje - Mjondalen Diskoklubb

Todd Terje, "Mjondalen Diskoklubb" (sendspace link)

Tood Terje, "Kul I Pul" (sendspace link)

One of the great things about dance music today is the connections that lead one further and further away from your initial source. I'm not if there has ever been a genre comparison; the best I can come up with is the way that Bob Dylan leads you back to Woody Guthrie and Blind Lemon Jefferson or you can trace the current LCD Soundsystem/DFA sound back to its roots in no-wave and house and disco and those musics back to their sources and on and on and on. Still, dance music has these connections NOW, as every artist seems to work or remix each other, you can connect the dots and have so much to hear and never leave 2006.

Todd Terje is a great example, as he has done remixes for Lindstrom, who've we did a post on and have many more to come. Lindstrom, of course, is one of the biggest names around today, developing that space-disco sound and putting Norway, Terje's home, on the map. He also started the label Full Pupp with Stevie Kotey, which released this record above. I came to his music on the Kitsune Maison 2 compilation, with his remix of Fox'n'Wolf "Claws Against Knives."

The above 12" is the first release on Full Pupp, dropping in 2005.

-New York takes Friday night, as there is some crazy fun ish dropping. Philly takesover, per usual with the Plastic Little record release. Best flier evah:

-Project Matt at Twisted Lounge! Jay-Z and Clipse record release party! Greenpoint!

-A truly cool, special White Lightning tonight, not to be missed

-Trash at Rififi (wait, there's a fucking bar called Rififi!?!?! Jules Dassin stand up!)

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