Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tony Matterhorn

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Tony Matterhorn, "Dutty Wine"
(sendspace link)

Tony Matterhorn, "Start The Party" (sendspace link)

Jah got the dancehall fever again! Actually, I really just have the ability to figure out a huge song months after it blew up in Kingston and Brooklyn. Tony Matterhorn is a newer name on the scene, once known only as a soundman. Out of nowhere, he dropped "Dutty Wine" had people goin' absolutely nuts, . It was clear that the man was just as good on the mic and from his numerous appearances on the best of compilations he seems to be establishing himself as one of the names in the genre. Give it a listen and I think you'll see that this one is a must, should be perfect for playing to the non-hardcore reggae fans (like me!)

"Start The Party" is pretty new, proof that your bol is stepping his game up. This one comes out on the Ghetto Whiskey riddim, which seems to be just washing up on our shores. Logically, it's a track to start the party and it gets the job done for me. In fact, I am dancing as I type this

-Cheeky Bastard at Hiro Ballroom tonight with Chromeo's P-Thugg, just do it

-Montreal, where you at? It should be here:

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-Oh, and don't forget that Le Castle Vania is still destroying the West (San Diego tonight, Beauty Bar)

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