Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christian Flores mixes

DJ Christian Flores, Them Dudes Is Good (sendspace link)

DJ Christian Flores, Gots Me A New Chain
(sendspace link)

DJ Christian Flores, Vancouver Special
(sendspace link)

There's nothing I love more than someone sending me a mix out of the blue, comprising songs and artists that I cover at Pound for Pound. My bol Christian Flores did just that and I had to share it with you, my dear reader. These are phenomenal, short, focused, covering a few genres but never feeling forced. Mixed live, it's real real nice.

Christian is holding down Vancouver, Canada, the first I've heard much out of the western half of Canada. It's nice to see Montreal and Toronto getting a run for their money. I will leave the tracklistings in comments, although a few of these tracks may get the special Pound for Pound treatment (upload, boring talk, blah blah blah). I hope that we will be hearing more from this young man, as this is an excellent start.

As always, I am always glad to hear your mixes, so send them along and if I like them and they aren't covering backpacker ish, I'll put them up here.

-Here's a video from one of the best parties around, Le Disko in LA, every Sunday night (hint hint!):

Beautiful people, great hair, bangs, booze, girls kissing girls, vinyl, moustache and lots of dancing.

-Resurrection at The Annex in the LES tonight with Dances With White Girls and others

-Donovan McNabb is out for the season with a torn ACL. Shitty just got shittier. How bout them Flyers Sixers Phillies?


Anonymous said...

can I get some tracklists for dem mixes? thanks!

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