Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Turkey Day! Happy Eating Day!

Daft Punk, BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix 2.3.97

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am hoping that very few people read this today and are instead spending the long company in the company of family and friends. I figured that I'd throw up something much bigger than usual, a long mix from one of the pivotal groups for Pound for Pound, Daft fucking Punk. This is an old mix that they did for the Live at Radio 1s Essential Mix series. I think it's their first appearance on the show, coming right before they changed the world.

I also wanted to take the time to let everyone know what I'm thankful for:

-all of my readers for checking in here and making this site what it is.

-all of my friends who helped me get through the toughest year in a long time

-Philadelphia, for being the greatest city on Earth

-The South for continuing to run hip-hop and make NYC rap fans even bigger, jealous a-holes

-Paris for running music, from Ed Banger and Kitsune to TTC and Institubes

-Scarlett Johansson



Anonymous said...

you're welcome

Anonymous said...

this mix is so awesome. thank you.

Anonymous said...

what's the first song in the mix?