Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lily Allen - Smile

Lily Allen, "Smile" (sendspace link) 320 BR

Lily Allen, "Smile (Aaron Lacrate's Gutter mix)"
(sendspace link)

Lily Allen, "Smile (Digital Soundboy mix)" (sendspace link)

I've been dropping some sad songs lately, so what better time to change up the blog's and my mood with a song called "Smile"? Pretty smart, Jack! I've actually been planning a Lily Allen post for months, but completely fucked that up. Her debut album has gotten her lots of love, hope that she doesn't fall prey to the fickle attitude many fans have towards dance-y pop songstresses like Annie. The original is a great song, has a kinda lilting, reggae-ish beat. The lyrics are nice and mean-spirited, as the smile is for her cheating exes' tears. Nice to see a little grrl power in a pop setting, even better to see that others have just as much of a mean streak!

The remixes are definitely interesting choices, not exactly the first two names to pop into my head when considering a Lily Allen remix. I like that. I don't like the Digital Soundboy one, however, which just doesn't work imo. This is the moniker of Shy FX, a big name in the drum'n' bass world. He gives you a pretty standard take on that genre and it just doesn't have any life to my ears. It sounds so by the numbers, I could almost imagine there being some program that spits out drum'n'bass remixes like this. On the other hand, Aaron Lacrate takes a similarly rough genre and reimagines the song. The drums are brutal, better reflecting the mood of the song's lyrics, better than the original even. It's less frantic than the typical Bmore club mix, showing that this genre has much more life in it.

-New weekly starts tonight in Philly: PaperStreet and Soul Traveler Brendan Bring'em take over a new Center City swanky jawn, Bamboo Lounge

-Apple and 4 airlines are gonna let us use our iPod on flights for video; next step is letting me iPod DJ my flight to Paris (FYI, it'll be all Smiths, all 12 hours or whatever.)

-The Huffington Post posted an actual Fox News internal memo that would easily be mistaken for an RNC press release


Anonymous said...

uh oh! Either these are just WAY glitchier then I was anticipating, or something happened to the rip...!

Anonymous said...

oh strange, the sendspace ones were fine. Must be my fault. :)

Anonymous said...

the songs seem nice, but i think there is a problem with yousendit as every mp3 i downloaded from it in the last hour, sounded like an experimental prefuse73 like remix.Could you please upload them on an alternate link, it would be very nice ^^. yo!

Anonymous said...

ooops, sorry for my previous post i didn't see there was already an alternate link **.

Ceasar said...

prrt said...

can someone please upload the digital soundboy dub mix again.

Anonymous said...

someone re-up this jam please!!