Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Young Pony Club - The Get-Go

New Young Pony Club, "The Get-Go"
(sendspace link)

New Young Pony Club, "Jerk Me"
(sendspace link)

I've been meaning to mention this band for way too long, as New Young Pony Club fit perfectly into the new wave of indie dance rock, joining bands like The Klaxons, The Presets and Soulwax creating live music that is perfect for the club. Like The Klaxons and Presets, New Young Pony Club are part of the Modular People stable, one of the best and most important labels going today.

These are two of the earliest tracks, which dropped on 7" early this year I believe. They give a pretty good idea of the band's sound, which features a lot of the great basslines, extended time, shouted lyrics, repetitive statements that Pound for Pound loves. This is just an opener, as I hope to have some more from these guys and girls when I have their approval.

-Los Angeles is the place to be tonight - Crash is tonight and might be one of the coolest parties I've seen. Gang of Neon are the resident DJs, they spin "Fight House, Analog Rock, Heavy Synth, French Wave, Indie Rock, Baile Funk, and any other form of mature dance music that’s taking the world over," which is nice. Tonight, LA's own GUNS N BOMBS of Kitsune join in.

Also, Franki Chan has the Lady Sov afterparty tonight

Finally, my bol Le Castle Vania continues to destroy LA in the name of bass and acid and sex

-Kafka couldn't have dreamed up the frightening story of America in 2006


Gentle said...

Cut Copy's use of NYPC's "Get Dancey" on Fabric 29 might be the best moment in music in 2006. I'm not kidding.

ian said...

Lady Sov can DJ?!

z. said...

they are also touring the states, ahhhh
5-Dec LA Cine Space
6-Dec SF Pop Scene
7-Dec NYC Glalapagoes

FatalRemedy said...

I know this is a little old, but can you re-up the albums? Its hard to find these guys.