Monday, November 06, 2006

Mustapha 3000 remixes

Ali K, "Love Hole (Mustapha 3000 remix)" (sendspace link)

Headman, "Moisture (Mustapha 3000 remix)" (sendspace link)

Here's the newest moniker of Erol Alkan, Mustapha 3000. Alkan is one of the most important people in music right now, perpetually ahead of the dance music curve. Dude's remixed everyone from Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party to MYLO and Daft Punk.

It seems like this Mustapha alias might allow him to take on projects that fall out of his typical scene. I had not heard of Ali Love until this track, "K Hole," and remixes dropped last month.

-Can't we all acknowledge that evangelical Republicans are closeted homosexuals? Actually, watching these bigots like Ted Haggard have such public falls is too good for me to truly want them to end. Take a look at everyone's favorite gay tweaking evangelical go at it with Richard Dawkins about science and faith.

-Finally, some levity in these tense final hours before Election Day:

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Papeuss said...

I'm a huge fan of Erol Alkan's work but I'm not really into those 2 remixes donc under the Mustapha 3000 name. Could you tell me why this change of name? Is he making different work under this pseudodym? I just remember he used it for Waters of Nazareth release party