Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Surkin - Fireworks Revisted


Surkin, "And You Too (DJ Slugo remix)" (YSI link)

Surkin, "Kiss 'n' Horns" (YSI link)

While it's been a rough time of a late, I did get out this weekend a bit, got to check out the Masters Of The Universe party at Studio B (after making the haul from the Upper West Side and the American Museum of Natural History) It was an unbelievable crowd, the most crowded I've seen it at Studio B outside of the Daft Punk afterparty. JH-B and I caught most of the Diplo set, but unfortunately we didn't get to hear Surkin. To make it up to us, I figured that I'd drop two tracks from his recent EP, Fireworks Revisited.

It took me a while to realize this, but I have actually been aware of Surkin for quite a few years (which is scary, since he's 20 years old) He was the man responsible for some of my all-time favorites mixes, the UCreatures Radio ones like Bang Dat! that are masterpieces of booty music. I mention as a lead-in to discussing how rad it is that Surkin and Institubes got the legendary DJ Slugo of Dance Mania ghetto house fame to remix "And You Too?" from 2006's Ghetto Obsession 12". It's everything I would hope for, a jackin' beat, a nasty, rumbling bass and those repetitive, chopped-up vocals I love so dearly. Great stuff, so nice to see some of the new cats connecting with their forefathers, Paris and Chicago, like a dream I had. I've also included "Kiss 'n' Horns," Surkin's own re-working of his track, "Kiss and Fly." It's one of the best things I've heard from him, blending a crunchy, electro track with horns, there's even a nice breakdown at the halfway point where the horns take over and some congo-like percussion bubbles. Great stuff.

You need to grab this EP right now, as there's three more tracks and 2 acapellas on this one. The Riot In Belgium First Remix and Tacteel remix easily hold their own to the two above, Turntable Lab has it in stock. I'd also highly recommend checking out the Arcade Mode shop, which features all of Surkin's stuff and pretty much everyone else doing things in Paris, an essential stop for anyone reading here.

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