Friday, December 21, 2007

Shannon - Let The Music Play

Shannon - Let The Music Play
Shannon, "Let The Music Play (original 12" mix)" (YSI Link)

Shannon, "Let The Music Play (instrumental)" (YSI link)

Shannon, "Let The Music Play (1989 European Remixed version)" (YSI link)

Every so often I will realize that I haven't posted a favorite and feel the need to immediately rectify that. Shannon's "Let The Music Play" is a perfect example, a stone-cold classic dance track that everyone has heard and needs in their lives. From that unforgettable synth melody to the great vocals, it's a timeless piece of music. I love the vocals, not sure that they get enough attention, since the music is so great. But, Shannon provides a nice counterpoint to the cold electro, singing about a lover who has found someone else on the dancefloor. Love love love the concept, telling the DJ to let the music play and it will bring this guy or girl back to her.

Originally released in 1983, it's hard to realize how great this single's impact was. It was the first electro track to feature female vocals, hearkening back to the classic disco diva days. I mean, can you think of a more perfect Pound for Pound track than one that sits at the crossroads of disco and electro, while simultaneously paving the way for freestyle? The producers on this one are none other than Chris Barbosa and Mark Liggett; Barbosa is credited with founding the freestyle sound and one can hear that blueprint on this track with the syncopated beats and Latin American rhythm. He is also the man behind the 1989 European Remixed version, which extends the original and makes things a bit busier.

This is an essential piece of dance music history, so let the music play.

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