Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rub N Tug Remixes

Beastie Boys, "New York City (Rub N Tug vocal remix)"

!!!, "Hello? Is This Thing On? (Thomas N Eric's Rub N Tug Throwdown)"
(YSI link)

Out Hud, "It's For You (Rub N Tug's Panarava mix)" (YSI link)

I mentioned them last night, since they were spinning at Lights Down Low in San Francisco, and I realized that I had never really done any posts on Rub N Tug, the NYC DJ/production duo. Thomas Bullock and Eric Duncan seem almost like secret weapons, dropping the occasional remix or mixtape every 6 months more or less, killing it and then kind of disappearing again into the ether again. It's frustrating, as I feel like these dudes should own shit right now, as their disco/house sound is perfect and they clearly are a key connector between the indie and dance scene.

But, they aren't really going back into the ether, as they have been always been party DJs first and foremost. They made their name in the 90s throwing some of the best parties NYC has seen, giant loft parties that were all about house music and disco and whatever done in a non-pretentious way where people could dance and drink and have fun. That simple. Remember those silly ideas, New York City? Anyway, read this bio from the Fabric website, as it talks a lot about the duo, the parties, their music. Hearing about the old loft jawns makes me almost sad, as I doubt those times are coming back again here.

Here's a few of the remixes they've done, including one of the absolute sickest songs ever, their remix of !!!'s "Hello? Is This Thing On?" This thing is fucking monster, like the weirdest, most hypnotic, brilliant song ever. This reminds me of the shit you hear about being played at the Hacienda back in the 80s, or at some weirdo mutant disco party in the 70s, 7+ minutes of dance music like you've never heard before.

This is a night for some of my favorite Philly and NYC DJs, like whoa.

-It's Saturday night, New York fucking City, you know where to be. Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie St.). Saturdazed. Guest DJs Ghetto Gold Matt and Chasekills from Robots In A Coma. If you don't make this a weekly stop,

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-In Brooklyn, my dude DJ Tiny Pants drops the fifth edition of Hi Tops and Hearts called Your Moms.

-Okay, she's not technically in NYC, but she's one of our favorite NYC DJs so get over yourself. Lauren Flax is still in London and tonight she's spinning at Motherfucker



-Solobuns keeps it going this weekend with his biweekly 80s Party at Upstairs at Sal's (200 S. 12th St.) He's joined by the legendary Sean Agnew, he of R5 Productions fame. It's free and a chance to revel in that decade you don't really remember.

-D.C., D.C., D.C., good to see more shit happening down in that city. Will Eastman is definitely the dude to be following around, as he seems to be throwing the best shit with an emphasis on the dancefloor. Tonight, he's joined by Brian Billion for Room Service at the Rock & Roll Hotel (1353 H St. NE), a must-attend for anyone trying to have fun in the capital.

-More Tactic and Starkey mayhem in the Midwest with Korruption. Those dudes are joined by Seattle's K Streets and K.C.'s Bucho for another night of bass destruction with grime, techno, electro, dubstep, you know the deal. It's at KCMO (1717 W. 9th St.) in a neighborhood called West Bottoms, which I assume means something to be people out there.

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-Finally, out west, we


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Beastie Boys, "New York City (Rub N Tug vocal remix)"


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