Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Last Paradise at Key West

This is a sad listing, as the final Paradise at Key West ever in Philadelphia. This party has been going for more than a year, with DJs Mike T, Ron Morelli and guests like Tim Sweeney, Optimo, Jeffrey Ssfire and many others bringing back the spirit of the disco days. It was kind of a dream night for me, a chance to hear amazing DJs play italo, disco, acid, Miami bass in an amazing club. Key West (207 S. Juniper St.) is a gay bar on a side street, almost alley, with an upstairs that has a mirrored, sunken dancefloor, elevated DJ booth, disco ball, in other words, the greatest venue still around in the world.

Anyway, this last one will hopefully send things out on a filthy note. Ron Morelli will be back, Mike T is celebrating a birthday, there will be special guests, tears will be shed, Arthur Baker songs will be played, all will be good. We'll definitely let you know what these guys have in store next. The rest of y'all will need to step your games up and fill in that the giant 808 hole that's being left after tonight.

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