Saturday, May 26, 2007

Philadelphyinz - The Bar Mitzvah Mixtape

Apt One and Skinny Friedman Present Philadelphyinz: The Bar Mitzvah

They had me at Bar Mitzvah. I actually referenced this mix and party last Saturday, a premature listing that was solely a result of my excitement to get the news about this one and the gradual deterioration of my mental capacities from self-loathing and years of listening to much bass music. For real, I've been floored at the quality of mixes coming my way from the DJs that I love. The Philadelphyinz don't disappoint here with The Bar Mitzvah mixtape, as I've been listening to this one all week.

First off, the Philadelphyinz are DJs Apt One and Skinny Friedman, who throw two monthlies in Philly at the Khyber and Medusa. I've always wondered where the name came and I've finally learned that "yinz" is a Pittsburgh term for "y'all." Apt One used it to connect to his roots when he set up his party in Philly in 2005, Skinny would soon join in and the rest is history.

The first and most brilliant concept is that they've done it in four tracks, alternating between the 2 DJs, in the format of an actual party, i.e. 10pm, 11pm... The mix is superb, I'm amazed at how seamless and put-together it is. I'm not normally much of a nerd about shit like that, but there's so many genre-switches and shorter interludes that you can't but help but notice. It covers all sorts of ground from rap to dance to indie (the Regina Spektor tune, marvelous). What really makes this one special for me is that they cover a lot of older, Pound for Pound-y stuff, like Gigolo Tony, Giorgio Moroder and Egyptian Lover. While I love the newest of the new (and that's on here too), there's something nice about seeing music as more than just this moment.

For those in Philly, you have a chance to celebrate the release of the mix, Apt One's birthday and Memorial Day weekend tonight at the Khyber (56 S. 2nd St.). This is the OG Philadelphyinz, upstairs, free, cheap drinks, dark, dirty dancefloor, the whole nine yards. They're joined tonight by the suddenly and thankfully resurgent Mike T of Paradise at Key West, so you can expect lots of filthy bass tonight. You also get a free CD just by attending. There's really nowhere else you should be tonight.

I cannot recommend the Philadelphyinz more, another of the great DJs that deserve a much greater audience. Get at them on myspace, email them at, book them for your next party or bar mitzvah, say hi, thank them for the mix. I'll definitely keep you up-to-date on their future moves. I'mma try to talk the boys into doing a Purim mix, cross your fingers.

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