Saturday, May 19, 2007

Philadelphyinz, Blow Up LA and more

This one was a pretty easy call for party of the night. I mean, the Philadelphyinz - Skinny Friedman & Apt One - are pretty safe bet always, but this one is the mixtape release party and the mixtape is called The Bar Mitzvah. Game over. To make it even more bananas, they've invited Mike T from Paradise at Key West to drop some italo/acid loveliness. It's free, it's at the Khyber, you'll get a CD.

-Let's call it a co-event of the night, as the Blow Up LA is pretty sick too. Anne Lee, Dirty Dave and Jefrodisiac have brought together all sorts of great DJs together - Acid Girls, Philly's own JHN RDN, Paparazzi, Dirty Lo, Ryan Esca. It's at a new spot this time called The Alley (516 Lindley Place), it's $6 before 11, Shadowscene will take your picture, you'll meet your future girlfriend.


-LA's Johnny Love from Guns 'n' Bombs is in Charlotte, NC tonight, yes Charlotte baby! He's joining Fit For Use, Christian Ryan and honestly, i have no idea what that name says. Much apologies to Blngx but I just know what reads. I'm an idiot and you would be to if you don't ghet to Eden (1400 Elizabeth Ave.) P.S. That's real good writing above.

-More Chicago. Before or after you hit up LDW at The Hideout, head over to the Dark Wave Disco at Sonotheque (1444 W. Chicago Ave). It's gonna be a pretty crazy night with DJs Are Not Rockstars spinning a special set. That's along with DJ Cat, Trancid and Mark Gertz. While you're there, you may get your photo snapped by Last Night's Party, guaranteeing you a solid myspace photo option for eternity.

-Big night in the Midwest, my bol Zoviet Panda does his Too Much Love party with guests The Glamour. This is an amazing party, one of the best indie dance nights in the country. So, Minneapolis, show some love to your bol, get to the First Avenue Mainroom (701 First Ave. North), pay your 3 bucks and dance like there is no tomorrow.

-Finally, the Midwest's finest Tactic are spinning with Ooah of the Glitch Mob. I've never seen a flier featuring a dude like that, so dude must be pretty amazing. It's at The Jackpot Saloon (943 Mass. St), $7 for a night of devastating bass.

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