Wednesday, May 23, 2007

DJ Dimitry - Takes Flight Mix

DJ Dimitry, Takes Flight mix

Oh mang, all of my favorites are starting to drop mixes for our eternal joy and happiness. I've been talking about my bol Dimitry almost since I started discussing parties. It's not a coincidence, as my man is involved in more dope shit in New York City than I can remember. Let's see, his Wednesday night High Voltage party at Sutra, hosting Thursdays at Hiro, DJing Saturdays at Beauty Bar, his band Theo and the Skyscrapers, guest DJing at Trash and other NYC parties, he's a one man wrecking crew. All of that hard work has really paid off, as his DJ sets are better and better each time I hear them.

This Takes Flight mix is the ultimate proof, as it's a good sense of what direction he's been heading in lately with the indie dance remix tracks. You get some obscure jawns, some new "classics", but most of all you just get a great 30 minute mix. What I especially like about this one, and Dimitry's style in general, is his openness to the pop side of things (cf Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape"); in other words, it isn't all about dropping the newest or most obscure B side remix, it's more about keeping the dancefloor involved and happy. Mang, this one really gets better with each listen, like really.

For those in NYC, you have a chance to hear all of this live, as Dimitry spins tonight at his weekly High Voltage party. I've been hyping this Day 1, I ain't about to stop now. Tonight's another good one, as FUN resident Eamon Harkin and Peter of Bloodshot Revival are the special guest DJs, which means another great night in the East Village (and how often can you say that?). As usual, vodka open bar starting 11, lots of young, better-looking people, people dancing, you know, a fun time! Oh, really great flier here by Sam Bell.

I hope that this becomes a regular stop for all my NYCers. For the rest of you party promoters and DJs, I cannot recommend Dimitry more highly as a guest star and all-around good dude. Get at him on myspace, book him, thank him for the mix, become BFF. I'm sure that this is not the last mention here at P4P.


no1uno said...

around the 10 min mark of that mix I came unglued - can you get a tracklist?

Anonymous said...

CSS- Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above(spankrock remix)
Gwen Stefani- Sweet Escape(konvict remix)
Daft Punk- Around The World
Justice- Waters of Nazareth(Erol Remix)
Khia- My Back(Radio Fireworks Edit)
the Outfield- Your Love(DJ Rockaton Remix)
Does it offend you, yeah? - we are rockstars
Fedde Le Grand- put your hands up for detroit
the sounds- tony the beat(t.s. 12" maxi vocal)
the klaxons- gravity's rainbow(van she mix)
Bjork- pagan poetry(infusion remix)