Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spank Rock, The Afterparty and More

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It's a pretty easy call tonight, as our bols Spank Rock play in New York City tonight at the new Highline Ballroom with special guest Ghostface. That's right, the Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface! I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this has been, to watch Naeem and XXXchange blow up. I mean, they were the stars of Coachella a few weeks ago, the next album is in the works, this is at a crazy, new venue that's huge. Go here and grab your tickets now and hit up an actual concert in NYC that deserves to sell-out and be hyped. I've said it once, I'll say it again: Spank Rock is the best show in the world right now, the Arrested Development of booty music.

-After that, hit up the Annex for the afterparty. This isn't just any afterparty, this is a part of the Tuesday night jawn at Annex, Lewd. It's brought to you by Genevalentine, my bols rekLES and SeanMuthafukkinRoberts spin that nasty, filthy shit. Tonight, they're joined by Cosmo Baker and Pase Rock in the booth. It's also free. I mean, are you reading that? You need to hit this up, which means that you must RSVP now. Shit will fill up, get there early. Seriously.

-That Philly Steven Bloodbath has his Tuesday weekly Love Buzz at Bar Noir (112 S. 18th St.). He's joined by Florida Josh, they will play lots of rock and metal and other stuff I'd probably love if I ever gave it a chance.

-Can you hear that? It's Chicago making more noise. Outdanced celebrates Jillian's birthday tonight at the Funky Buddha (729 Grand St.) I don't know Jillian, but she's clearly an amazing person, as she has DJ fucking Assault spinning at her party. Yes, you heard me. Assault is there, along with Danny the Wild Child, Matt Roan, E6 and Ian Hixxx. Free Sparks and $2 Jaeger shots from 10-11, I believe, so you won't really remember much of the night. RSVP to outdanced@yahoo.com for reduced admission, the rest of you prepare for the Bald Eagle to land tomorrow at Pound for Pound.

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