Thursday, May 17, 2007

!!!, Broadzilla and more

It's funny, Thursday has always been my favorite night to go out for as long ago as I can remember. It's basically a weekend night, none of the douchebags (I see you New Jersey) have hit the bridges yet, the parties tend to be more adventurous with loyal crowds. There's not the plethora of choices like Friday and Saturday, but sometimes choice doesn't mean quality. All of which is to say that tonight is a good example of why I love Thursdays and that some of the best parties in the world go down on this night. I'm giving top billing to Philly, because I love you, I will always love you, you are the greatest city ever formed.

First, there's an amazing show at the TLA tonight with !!! and Holy Fuck. Holy Fuck, I just looked and realized that I've never done a post on them. That will be remedied shortly; in the meantime, get your ticket for that show and see some of the best bands around today. Then, it's time for one of the best parties going right now and the heir to the 700 Club title, Broadzilla at Upstairs at Sal's. I've heard that there might be some special guests in the house tonight, guests who may have played a concert earlier that's mentioned a few sentences above. This party is taking off, tell your grandkids you were there when it was at a small spot.

-Also, make sure to walk a few block west to catch one of the last two Paradises at Key West (207 Juniper St.). There's no flier, but just trust me that this is one of the best parties I've ever been to. It takes place in the dancefloor above the gay bar Key West and the space has the greatest dancefloor ever with mirrors and mirroed ball and elevated DJ booth. It never quite got the crowd it deserved, but it had a nice long run playing italo, acid, classic house disco. Mike Simonetti has invited special guests DJs Stepchild and Operant 77 to drop the hottest italo and dirty acid. For real, if I could do a party, it would be just like this one.

-Thursdays in NYC are just as solid, giving you the full downtown experience. Hit up Even Further in the basment of Happy Ending (3 in Chinatown each and every week for that decadent, debauched disco madness. Once you descend the steps, you'll swear it's 1978. Okay, sorry about that, I was just practicing my blurb schitck for a second. For real, my bol Carmine P. Filthy, Mungi and Vida have put together a great weekly, which will be even greater with the return of Heather Facebreaker tonight. I want it to be known that I would take her name if we got married. That's a gully surname, gully indeed.

-Up in Chelsea, the Cheeky Bastard and GBH people continue to put on amazing event after amazing event at Hiro Ballroom (371 W. 16th St.). In fact, this one celebrates the 9th Anniversary of GBH, an amazing accomplishment. Tonight, you get a guest DJ set by Fedde Le Grand (mp3 foreshadowing), but the real reason to go is to catch a live set by Men Women and Children featuring that dude Nick Hook. Put your name on the guest and get in for free. It's that simple.

-Boston continues to make noise and if the parties up there keep dropping fliers like this, I'll make this a Boston-only blog. Volume Productions presents Axis Thursdays at Axis (13 Lansdowne St.) with Hush and Bons and Kares. Don't know much about them, but I have faith.

-LA, feel like you live in a vapid, soul-destroying city. You may, but fight against it. Head to Vanguard (6021 Hollywood Blvd.) for Flavorpill's Party With A Purpose: Fair Trade edition. Yeah, yeah, laugh about the hipsters trying to do something good, blah blah blah. This is a great concept, great cause, good to see people trying to mix fun with seriousness. DJ sets by Franki Chan, Guns 'n' Bombs and She Wants Revenge should let you know that this is not to be missed. $20 admission, that money goes to clean water efforts in Africa.

-Okay, let's end in Chicago, as the next post is a mix from a Chicago bol and that city is really doin ' big things. Tonight, Debonair Thursdays go down at Debonair Social Club (1575 N. MIlwaukee Ave.). You get Trancid and Mark Gertz every week, tonight Dani Deahl joins them. It's hosted by Paul in Chicago and Discosteed, it is good.

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