Sunday, May 13, 2007

Switch - Essential Mix 11.01.04

Switch, Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 11.01.04

There seemed to be some interest in these longer mixes from famous DJs, so I figured I'd keep going with a pretty big name around these parts, Switch. This is another mix for the Pete Tong BBC Radio 1 show, like last week's Daft Punk, a 2-hour show that sort of blends a typical club set with a little of the educational, here's some rarities and shit that we love set.

Take note that this show took place in late 2004, which means that Switch was a duo. Dave Taylor and Trevor Loveys were partners until recently, when Taylor became the sole name behind the moniker. Not sure how much this dynamic effects the contents of the mix, although I'm guessing it's not a big deal. That date is also interesting in that these guys were really just coming into their own, dropping a big Missy Elliot white label remix and a few others for big names like the Chemical Brothers, but the name 'Switch' didn't have the significance it does today or in 2006. What I'm saying is that Mr. Tong and whoever books the show really were on top of this one, it's such an amazing program, putting out so much great music weekly, giving listeners the chance to hear some of the greatest DJs in the world before you know they are.

This set is a good one, although not Daft Punk level imo. Actually, I think that this one might be more popular, as the boys utilize a fair amount of hip-hop vocal samples and interludes that nicely break up the dance music sounds. I know that there are a fair share of rap and indie kids who visit here, this might be a good one to listen to and see if this whole house music thing can work for you. Whadda ya say?


Oli said...

Thanks for this man! Awesome
Put you on my blog!


empsburna said...

wow, this brings back some memories!

Raskolinkoff said...

Thank you very much, the idea to post the mixes is a really fucking good one. Keep it up!