Monday, May 14, 2007

The Rub Up and More

Okay, so here's the new format. I may tweak it, I may not. But, I really like the idea of seperating the party stuff, as it will free up the music and my writing to be more consistent and better written and just allow me to not feel the pressure to get up posts to hype a party. Sound good? Here's a good first feature, as The Rub guys hit up Oxy Cottontail's Monday night Sway (305 Spring St.) jawn. DJ Ayres and Eleven are going to be doing a dancehall/reggae set tonight, which is so right for this weather and kicking the summer off. I actually haven't really mentioned the Rub guys very much, not for any bad reasons. I feel like they already have such a dedicated fan base that they don't really need the attention. But that's kind of stupid, as it's clear that these guys are taking the thing to all parts of the country and dropping lots of mixes and staying on the grind. So, hit this up tonight and everyone make sure to grab a copy of the 2Cd Rup Up, a great look at the genre in the 80s and 90s, an amazing purchase for anyone looking to explore this music further.

-Also downtown, the big names are out for Banana Split at 205 Christie. MeanRed Productions has brought DJ AM and Steve Aoki from LA to join up with NYC legend Stretch Armstrong and A-Trak. I like this bill, it should be a nice mix of indie and rap, hit up for rsvp and say "cherry on top" for entry. Seriously.

-Nashville, stand up! Our first posting from TN and it's a good one. Scion Presents Heist, which gives everyone in Al Gore's state a chance to hear their favorite new DJ, Le Castle Vania. You also get DJ Skeet Skeet from LA and Supreme from Seattle, all for free. Email and you're all set. Well, then go to Layl'a Rul (909 20th Ave. South).

-Finally, one of LA's best, Genre, has your Monday night covered. Residents DJ S!n and Luv Tek have invited national DMC champion DJ Klever to spin, along with Light Down Low's Sleazemore. It should be a good way to party too much and force to drag your ass around for the rest of the week. You know you would be anyway. Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd.), free before 11.

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