Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Pound for Pound Hiatus

Have you missed me, dear reader? Has it been awful without me? Have you been lost with your nights out and unable to shake your ass to filthy music? I hope so, as I've been lost without you. The unheralded backbone of Pound for Pound, my Macintosh G4, has shut down. Literally. The power adaptor socket is not working and the computer cannot charge. In other words, she's in the shop for repairs. Even moreso, I need a little break to get my shit together. I just moved, I need to refocus my writing game and I need to stop being so damn melancholy. I recently saw this woman who worked at the Burger King on Delancey Street and nearly began to cry; that was soon topped by a moment with a cat up for adoption in Park Slope who reached out and gently touched my finger twice when i put it near the cage.

Annnnyyyyyway, this means that we will have to take a break from the music posts for a few days. For long-time readers, this will hearken back to the dark period of November 2005, when my computer was stolen and the site came to a halt because of some LES jagoff criminal. Ahh, memories. Sweet, traumatic, terrifying memories.

Anyway, let's meet back here on Monday. I can't guarantee music then, but I will resume the party news and have a few posts on mixes that I love and you should buy and maybe some other fun link-y goodness. I'm really sorry for this, but trust me this break is only going to mean better things down the road. Will you miss me? Say you will, please. You will miss me? Yea!

-First off, happy belated birthday to my LA girl z. I hope that she had a great party with lots of chocalate, Daft Punk and well-endowed men. She's one of the best people on earth, she has forgotten more about music than I'll know and she needs to move to the East ASAP. Check out her blog, (Hey You) What's That Sound?, and tell her to post more!

-Black People Love Us! Read the letters section, hilarious to read the ones where the letter writer has no clue if it's a joke or not, so gives props and hate in the same letter.

-Fellas, David Wygant has 10 tips for approaching women. I'm pretty confident that these will work, as what's easier than having 10 concepts running through your head while you're trying to talk to someone. "I hope you saved some turkey for me." Indeed.