Friday, March 04, 2005

Weekend Update

Just wanted to mention a few events around Philly this weekend. Tonight is First Friday, so everyone can head down to Old City and peruse the many galleries and cafes down there. They are all open until 10 and everything is free (except the art), so go and get your art on. Check here for some recommendations on specific galleries.

On the DJ front, there are some great choices, particularly for those looking to work off that thinking in the galleries tonight. DJ Icey is headlining at Transit, bringing his Miami bass electro sounds to get everyone sweaty and warm in these frigid times. Silk City has the lastest installment of [Click], as Dave P brings in the Scottish duo, Optimo, who were behind the How to Kill the DJ Party 2 mix. Expect lots of people, mash-ups and cheap beer. Finally, back in Old City tonight, DJ Major Taylor is back in Philly, teaming up with Gregg Foreman for Straight Outta Rehab at La Tazza. Saturday is a good chance to check out some of the great offerings from local DJs, such as Kenny Meez at Filo's, the Ill Vibe Collective's Bodyrock at Aqualounge, or Subcode's drum&bass showcase at the Blue Horseshoe. Check to DJ shows in Philly for more info.

Finally, for those of you crying about the loss of Y100 radio station, get out of your suburban houses and check out a few shows this weekend. Lou Barlow, of Sebadoh and Folk Implosion fame (ok, fame is a strong word) is playing the Khyber. The North Star has two big indie concerts, as Philly's own Capitol Years will be celebrating the release of their new album. Sunday night, VHS or Beta and Ambulance Ltd. should help remind you of the type of music that would have kept Y100 on the air.

Go out, have a good time, and check back here next week for more knowledge.

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