Thursday, March 17, 2005

Philadelphia: America's Hometown

No, this is not about a new drama that I am proposing for CBS's Tuesday night line-up. It is actually the name of one of the best blogs around, and the next addition to the Pound for Pound list on the right-hand side.

Much like Philly Future, Philadelphia: America's Hometown is looking at recent news and events in the city and attempting to bring people together to deal with the issues facing us. Best of all, the attitude is upbeat, focusing on the good developments in the city and how we can build on those successes. Whether its the condo market or the changes that Paul Vallas has introduced to the school system, Friedman has it covered. I have already linked to his site in previous posts, and will continue to do so quite often as we go along. Bol is doing really big things, and I recommend that everyone make America's Hometown a daily stop.

I am honored that he has put Pound for Pound on his links lists, as it is nice to be among so many people dedicated to Philly. This is a movement, people, and y'all better get on board.

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