Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cold as Ice

Me: It was so cold yesterday.

Readers: How cold was it?

Me: It was so cold yesterday that I had actually contemplated living in one of the red states.

Sidekick/roomate: {Loud, overdone laugh.] Hey-oh!

[R.I.P. Mr. Carson]

Oh, and I wish that I wasn't such a pussy with girls (sorry, women). Oh, Skee-lo, when will we stop wishing and start doing? Oh, and Skee-lo, if you are out there, please let everyone know that you are alive and okay.

Alright, I'm refocused. I will be pouring out my self-loathing into the writing process, so don't worry about me getting all introspective and sensitive. I did want to give those last two posts some time to be digested, as there is alot of material there. I have gotten some good feedback, and hope that others will post their thoughts, disagreements, suggestions in the comment section.

Okay, this was a segue of sorts, as I have lots of stuff coming down the pike that won't have much to do with national politics. Philly and cities will increasingly become the focus, as that has been where my head and heart are at.

Time to take Pound for Pound to the next level, yamean.

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