Monday, March 21, 2005

M.I.A. Concert Last Night

Just a quick update on the M.I.A. show in North Philly last night, as it was a great night. Clearly, few people slept on this show, as evidenced by the huge line outside the U.A.C.A. before the doors opened at 9. I imagine that it was a sell-out, and Pound for Pound will take undeserved credit for this because of my previous post.

It was a strange evening, as being at the Ukie Club with Hollertronix calls for a crazy Saturday night with everyone wildin' out. However, this was a concert, and I suspect that at least half of the crowd had never been to a Tronix party. Not a bad thing; it just led to a reserved evening with more of a show feeling than I anticipated.

Spankrock got things started at 10:30, doing his completely unique act. I have heard of his music for a minute now, and look forward to checking out more. Sound was not the greatest for his set, as his vocals were a little low. The beats, however, killed, with a hip-hop, Baltimore club sound. Check here for more info, as you can get in on the ground floor.

M.I.A. got started around 11:30, and totally exceeded my expectations. I knew that Maya had not played alot of live shows, and expected that things would be inconsistent at best. I was wrong, as the songs sounded great, her vocals and rhymes were clear, and she commanded the room. The energy was incredible, as the place was loud and peeps were there to hear her music. Hype might have sold the show out, but hype did not get people dancing and singing last night, so all of you Internet geeks hating need to get out from behind your computers.

After M.I.A. ended, the place cleared out. Diplo and Low Budget ended the night with a short DJ set. So you wanna be hardcore? Well, then you should have been there at 12:45 last night. dancing to Phil Collins and UGK's "Ridin' Spinners", or you don't know hardcore. There was 50 people at most, and it was the highlight of the night.

On a personal note, this night helped me get through a horrible weekend, one that had me lost in self-loathing. Thanks to TK and his crew, all the cute jawns, and really all the people who came out and made it such a great atmosphere. Props to R5 Productions for putting on another great show, as they are doing real big things. As always, thanks to Low Budget and Diplo for being the best in the game. Finally, thanks to TA, one of the best people alive. I can think of no one else that I would rather have hung out with last night, as her kindness and thoughtfulness help put the weekend behind me.

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