Thursday, March 17, 2005

Philly Future

I just checked in at Philly Future, and had a flush of excitement as I saw that our blog, Pound for Pound, was listed in their links list. It was a great moment, sort of like losing my viriginity, but without the crying and apologies. We are trying to bring in lots of new readers, and this is a great start. I am not sure if the world is ready for us, but the world definitely needs us. Can't stop, won't stop!

Philly Future should be a daily stop, as it is a great site for those interested in our city. The writers there have put together an amazing resource, one that showcases all of the great things coming out the Illadelph blog-wise. Perhaps most importantly, the site has taken on the role of town square and organizer for those on the streets and in cyberspace trying to make Philly a better, more dynamic city. The link is on the right, so go check it out often and get involved. I hope that those who are coming over from that site will add their voices here, and come back often to see what's up.

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