Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tourney Pools

Quick follow-up to that last post. Is anyone involved in an office pool that I could get in on? Is anyone got one going with friends? Does anyone want to get something going here (in Philly, not at this site)? Holla.

I have studied the bracket, watched my game tapes, and would like to get a piece of the action. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes, and for those who know my sneaker fetish, they know how sadly true this statement is. Specifically, I need a pair of these or these or these (the other Stussy colorway is dope, too). Beware of these kicks, as they will break necks. Size 11.5-13, get at me. I will definitely accept these as a gift for all of the joy and debate that I bring to the world with Pound for Pound, or I can just buy them. Open to either option. More to come on the sneaker game.

[Disclaimer: Pound for Pound does not condone gambling, and does not endorse betting on amateur sports. My sole reason for participating in these NCAA pools is to show how smart I am, allowing me to be even more arrogant and insufferable than I am already. Seriously. I would do a pool even without a monetary award for the winner.]

[If anyone believed the above disclaimer, please contact me as I have some real estate to sell you.]

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